Thursday, February 5, 2015

As A Busy Mom Thinks - School Projects

Let’s talk school projects. Some of us hate them. Some of us enjoy them. Some of us might even be indifferent to them. Right now, the Lil’ Princess is in the middle of her latest book project: a story map, an index card filled with important details, and a facial mask she must make of one of the characters.

This year, procrastination has been her approach to things. I had to push her to finish reading the book on time. Once that was done, I had to nag her to start each phase of the project. She didn’t used to be that way but she is right now.

In all fairness to her, I’ve been so busy with my job that it took me until this week to begin searching for a facial mask mold. Thank you, Amazon (the local craft stores were out).

Tonight, I helped her roll out the molding clay so she could put it over the mold. We will let it dry overnight before she finishes completing the mask tomorrow night. Hopefully we have all the supplies she needs because I have no idea what she has planned.

How do you feel about school projects? What has been your favorite one so far?

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