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Cultivate Fun and Love in Your Children by Eve Picquette, Author of Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships

How many times have you read or seen something that made you want to change your life and relationships – but you didn’t know how? Introduced by two angels, Hope and Impatience, Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships: 10 Shift Keys - What Your Angels Have Been Trying to Tell You for Centuries answers the “how” question. Eve Picquette shows readers how to:

  • Open their hearts to love
  • Shift their lives, using 10 keys—how-to-do-it ideas created with the help of angels of inspiration—to change in real and satisfying ways.

In this lighthearted, uplifting, and beautifully illustrated gift book, each chapter opens with images of the author’s angels and quotes she believes were angel-inspired sometime in history. Readers may also download companion MP3 Mini Meditations available on They are “Dared to Shift” their thoughts and behaviors and these shifts will improve lives and relationships: • Shift 1: Always Connect to Love • Shift 2: Just Stop It, Really • Shift 3: It’s All About You • Shift 4: It’s Not About You • Shift 5: Give Up on the Past • Shift 6: Expect the Best Future • Shift 7: Appreciate Everything Now • Shift 8: Re-Choose Your Relationships • Shift 9: Handle Conflict with Grace • Shift 10: Love So it Can be Felt.

If you are ready to try these simple shifts, the results will amaze you. Every encouraging and comforting word in this beautifully illustrated self-help book will lead you to the path of peace, happiness, and fulfillment. A treasure to own, it would also serve as a thoughtful, caring, and loving gift.

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  • Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships: 10 Shift Keys – What Your Angels Have Been Trying to Tell You for Centuries is available at Amazon.
  • Watch the book trailer at YouTube.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

If you are like me – you want your children to see their childhood as happy and to know how much they are loved.  However with career and personal concerns and the pressure to raise perfect children – that can be hard to accomplish. 

I read an article the other day, “The Ideal Praise-to-Criticism Ratio” in the March 15, 2013 Harvard Business Review.  I greatly simplify – the researchers found what made the greatest difference between the most and least successful business teams was the ratio of positive comments to negative comments that the teams members made to each other.   The most successful teams made six positive comments for every one negative comment. 

Though this research was in a business setting – how much more important to have loving positive interactions between family members!  I look back on my daughter’s childhood and wish I had known more then.  I had a busy hospital career and a marriage that was not setting a very good example for happiness or peace.  I know I failed in many ways – but I did do a few things right!

• I realized that we needed to have fun together – so everyday I had Disney cartoons or other happy comedy for us to watch together as I exercised and started dinner. She has happy memories of that, and one of our favorite things now – even though she is grown – is to find some short and hilarious comedy to watch and enjoy together.

• I tried to praise and support her as much as possible. I was lucky enough to read a essay/book I can no longer find – There is Magic in a Word of Praise - which made a deep impression on me. Because of that - I did try to praise her more often than correct her.

If you have children at home – think about how often you have fun with your children and increase the fun, if possible.  Note your tone of voice and how often you look for the good and give praise, hugs and affection to your children.  Think how you could increase your positive and supportive comments.   I can’t go back and do better, but you can make a difference in your children’s lives today!

Eve Picquette, author of the Self-help/Inspirational book, Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships – 10 Shift Keys – What Your Angels Have Been Trying to Tell You for Centuries, available on Amazon

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