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Surviving Parenting Positively by “Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts” from Dr. John McIntosh & Rev. Elizabeth McIntosh

Doctor John McIntosh and Rev. Elizabeth McIntosh, authors of an important new book, MASTERING NEGATIVE IMPULSIVE THOUGHTS, use “nits” as both an acronym for their book’s title and as an analogy for the clearly unhealthy effects of negative thinking.

“Negative thoughts occur impulsively, so that is why they are Negative Impulsive Thoughts, or NITs, for short,” the authors say. “The nice analogy is that nits are also head lice and both (nits and NITs) are irritating, contagious, hard to recognize, hard to eliminate, breed fast, and spread like an epidemic.”

Unlike other, similar books that claim to have a magic route to happiness and health, MASTERING NEGATIVE IMPULSIVE THOUGHTS is based on solid clinical research, say the authors, who together have extensive experience in general medicine, medical research, and holistic health/wellness practices.

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Surviving Parenting Positively
by “Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts”

If being a parent is the most wonderful experience in your life, why can also be the hardest and most difficult years that you have to survive? As a mother, you are under the most intense pressure emotionally, physically and practically as you manage your personal life, profession, relationship, the house and are also expected to instill in your children all the great qualities that they need to develop into well balanced, decent human beings! Quite a task, and as a doctor and clinical therapist, we have been helping people through these challenges for many years…

So if you could have the precious gift of taking life’s challenges and managing them positively, without drama, without stress and for great outcomes for all concerned, how much better would your life be?

The secrets are all here in this book! Mastering Negative Impulse Thoughts (NITs) is the first time that negative thoughts have been defined with an easy 3 step process to recognise them.  Negative thoughts occur impulsively so we have labeled them “Negative Impulsive Thoughts” or NITs for short.

NITs, like the head lice or “nits” that their name invokes, are irritating, hard to recognise, hard to treat and spread from person to person like an epidemic! Controlling this negative epidemic and quarantining you and your family is the key to future happiness and success for all of you!

Amazingly NITs occur in every one of us every day and if you do not control them, they can ruin your life, your children’s lives and your relationships!

Here in the book are the keys to not only recognise your own NITs but also recognise negative thoughts (NITs) and behaviour from everyone around you. Uncontrolled NITs knock our confidence, breed fear, shatters our dreams, destroys relationships, and as the research in the book shows, they also attracts cancers, heart disease, strokes, mental illness and shortens our life span by about 9 years!

The book also contains new techniques for turning negative thoughts into Positive Affirmative Thoughts or PATs for short.  This 3 step process is amazingly effective, and can easily be taught to your family and you can begin to deal with difficult situations positively for better outcomes!

The book also contains many real life stories that are examples of NITs and overcoming them and many life skills that will empower you when dealing with self doubt, worry, anxiety, depression, life dramas and challenges.

Specific chapters deal with relationships, managing children and giving perspective to the process of child rearing which is a long term commitment. Qualities of patience and alternative approaches to your attitude that you will learn in the book can result in dramatic improvements for everyone!

If you want to take control over your life, you must start with controlling what goes on in your head. This new NITs concept is sweeping the planet and the book is an easy read with inspirational real life adventures of overcoming (NITs), leaving the reader uplifted, inspired and armed with tools to live a positive NIT-free life.

Begin to make the world a better place, starting from the inside first. Become the shining light of positivity and happiness that your children and everyone around you would love to follow! 

Doctor H. John McIntosh is known as the “Medical Guru” through his columns and media presence.  He was educated as a medical doctor in Scotland. He received a general medical degree from Dundee University Medical School in 1984 and moved to Australia in 1993. He received his Specialist Physician qualification in 1988 from the Royal College of Physicians (UK) and specialist Family Physician qualifications in 1990 from the Royal College of General Practitioners. Other certifications include: Approved Trainer of medical students, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; James Cook University Medical School, Central Queensland University; Trainer of Cognitive Institute programs, Cognitive Institute of Australia; Approved Trainer of sports medicine first aid courses, Sports Medicine, Australia; and Approved Allergan Cosmetic Injector training and trainer of injectors (doctors and nurses). Dr. McIntosh was the driving force in the building of the Mackay GP Superclinic. In 2013, his medical clinics were awarded the national AGPAL Community Engagement Award for outstanding level of commitment and involvement of the community and won a finalist award in the 2014 Telstra Australian Business

Rev. Elizabeth McIntosh is known as the “Positivity Expert” from her life’s work and research in the field. She trained as a life and wellness coach; certified personal fitness trainer under Ken Ware, Mr. Universe of 1994; counselor, hypnotherapist, meditation and yoga teacher; and spa trainer. She is a Reiki master Levels 1, 2 and 3, and a Reiki Master Trainer. She holds a BMSc in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona and the University of Metaphysics, and is an ordained minister through the University of Metaphysics. She runs retreats at her resort in Bali and has produced a series of CDs on health, relaxation, and success, and a TV documentary series, as well as being a magazine columnist and radio talkback presenter.

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