Friday, August 29, 2014

Fall Decorating Ideas

As soon as the girls head back to school, my mind starts thinking about decorating for fall. I have to admit that original decorating isn't my strong suit, but give me an image and I can come up with something. Here are links to some fall decorating ideas you might like. Since we live in New England--a place known for its great fall colors--I tend to lean more toward native decorating ideas.

Yankee Magazine offers 10 simple ways to add garden style to your home in this article:

The Heart of New England has a list of classic ideas that never go out of style at

This article from Country Living talks about a bed and breakfast in Comfort, Texas, but the photos offer some lovely autumn decorating ideas:

Looking for some fall gardening ideas? Try this article from
Better Homes and Gardens:

About Home has an article offering "8 tips for Fall and Winter Container Gardening" at

Finally, this series of photos on HGTV FrontDoor includes "7 Curb Appeal Tips for Fall":

Hope you have fun and share links to your photos when you're done.

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