Monday, July 7, 2014

Mailbox Monday - July 7

Mailbox Monday is a meme started by Marcia of To Be Continued. Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week. It now has a permanent home at the Mailbox Monday blog.

Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles, and humongous wish lists.

We're on vacation this week, but we've had the joy of visiting two used book stores on the Outer Banks. One of them has been around for years, the other of which just opened three weeks ago. Title Waves in the Jockey's Ridge Crossing plaza sells used books, gifts, and coffee. The owner, Cathy Williams, is a former school teacher. It was nice to see a new shop there. The Lil' Diva picked up a movie cover version of Divergent that included a movie poster and a 2005 version of Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.

I found this 1995 copy of a Murder, She Wrote book.

Cozy Cabot Cove, Maine, has a country luncheonette, but not much high culture. Mystery author Jessica Fletcher is the only writer in residence, but the renovation of the local Worrell mansion into an art colony may bring scores of artistic people to town. No one, however, expected a creative killer.

The posh retreat offers struggling artists a European spa, psychiatry, and even hypnotism. But soon the retreat begins to look like a health hazard. A suicide attempt and a brutal murder quickly arouse the sheriff's attention--and Jessica's. And when an old friend mysteriously disappears, Jessica fears a twisted genius is at work writing a scenario for murder--putting Jessica's own life on the line.

Murder, She Wrote remains one of my favorite television shows. I watch it on Netflix. There are over 35 books to this series and a new one is slated for October.

Before we left on vacation, I downloaded the following books for my Kindle:

What would you give for a chance at true love?

When Sherry's best friend, Lorena, promises her a virtual reality adventure for her sixty-third birthday, neither of them expect a trip back in time. But when Sherry bumps into the handsome stranger she'd once kissed on a London train in the summer of '69, she knows it couldn't be anything else. And this time she doesn't want to run.

Lorena's heart belongs to her husband who died four years ago. She returns to the present to find a letter from David which urging her to travel to a past she doesn't remember because it hasn't happened yet. Lorena will risk anything to have more time with Dave. Will travelling to this past change their shared future?

Ela Roeh of Parne doesn't understand why her beloved Creator, the Infinite, wants her to become His prophet. She's undignified and bad-tempered, and at age seventeen she's much too young. In addition, no prophet of Parne has ever been a girl. Worst of all, as Parne's elders often warn, if she agrees to become the Infinite's prophet, Ela knows she will die young.

Yet she can't imagine living without Him. Determined to hear the Infinite's voice, Ela accepts the sacred vinewood branch and is sent to bring the Infinite's word to a nation torn apart by war. There she meets a young ambassador determined to bring his own justice for his oppressed people. As they form an unlikely partnership, Ela battles how to balance the leading of her heart with the leading of the Infinite.

I recently won a drawing at Freda's Voice. I got the chance to choose one Kindle book up to $5.00 as my prize. I went with Strong Enough to Die by Jon Land because it was on my wish list.

Caitlin Strong is a fifth-generation Texas Ranger, proud to wear the badge of her father and grandfather—until a deadly shoot-out along the Mexican border causes her to question her calling.

Five years later, Caitlin is still trying to purge herself of guilt from the day that ended her Ranger career. But a shattering discovery will reopen old wounds, and Caitlin’s renewed investigation into the truth behind the bloody desert firefight uncovers a terrifying plot that reaches into every home and threatens the very core of the country.

Her only hope for success—and survival—is to team up with Cort Wesley Masters, a deadly outlaw who has every reason to want her dead. But he also holds the key to the truth she desperately seeks in the anguished brain of an amnesiac torture victim.

Caitlin’s tormented quest for redemption takes her to a dark world, ranging from Washington to Bahrain to the wastelands of Mexico, as she finds that the strength to live comes from learning how to die.

I'll probably have a new book or two once we get home, too. What was in your mailbox?


  1. I love to visit bookstores when I'm on vacation. Hope you're having a great time and that you enjoy your new books!

  2. My mom would probably love the Murder, She Wrote book - I hope you do!

  3. I love UBS - looks like you found some good ones!

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    I generally get steered away from any bookshops or charity shops when we are away, although if there are just the two of us hubbie is much more amenable to stopping, than if we are with friends or family.

    I have never read any of the 'Murder She Wrote' books, however I have watched the television shows avidly, many times over.

    'Title Waves' looks like a great store to get lost in and I hope that you are enjoying your holiday. I had no idea where the Outer Banks were, however as I have discovered that you are in Carolina, I hope that you managed to miss the hurricane which made land there, we have been tracking its progress from here in the UK.

    All The Best,


  5. I hope you are having a wonderful trip. It's always fun to visit book stores. You have quite an interesting and fun set of books to enjoy.
    Have a great week!