Friday, June 20, 2014

Product Review: Poise® Sampling Program

Through Crowdtap I had a chance to participate in the Poise® Sampling Program. Childbirth was not kind to my body, and as a result I've dealt with light incontinence for close to 30 years. Now that my uterus has fallen, the occasions are more frequent, and I don't feel right leaving the house without protection.

For this sampling, I received a plastic wallet filled with two Poise Microliners, a Poise Liner, and a Poise Ultra Thin Pad. I was most excited about trying the Microliner because I long ago abandoned maxi-pads for my periods and moved to tampons, so I certainly didn't want to go back to anything bulky.

I've tried the Poise Ultra Thin Pad in the past and felt it was close to as comfortable as I was going to get for daily protection, but these new Microliners are so thin they are almost like wearing nothing. I felt fully protected and confident leaving the house. Overall these are a great addition to the Poise line, but like most very thin pads, they can tend to crinkle a bit if not firmly pressed into place or after several hours of use. I'm an active person, so someone who is not constantly on the go might not experience this issue.

I shared the other pads with friends and they thought this was a nice change from using a period pad for light incontinence. I know I'll be purchasing the Poise Microliners again.

This review contains my honest opinions, which I have not been compensated for in any way.

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