Saturday, June 21, 2014

Product Review: Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System

Through Crowdtap, I had a chance to try out the Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System. My sample package included the Litter Genie with a refill of bags. The unit was easy to put together. Just open the unit, snap the scoop holder into place, pull the tab on the bag refill and pull down about a foot of film (bag). Tie a knot at the bottom of the bag and sit the refill on the unit. Close the funnel (top part of unit) and put Litter Genie next to your litter boxes.

Scoop used cat litter up with the scoop provided and toss it into the unit. Once you're done, close the lid and pull the handle. This will drop the used litter into the bottom of the unit (into the bag). Push the handle back in and used litter and odors are trapped inside.

Once the bag is full (about 14 days), open the unit in the middle and slide the film into the cutter. Tie a knot at the top of the bag and dispose of full bag. Pull down on the film in the Litter Genie and a tie a knot at the end so that it is ready to use again. You can see this process in the video below.

What I like about the Litter Genie is that it makes controlling cat litter odors a breeze. It is easy to set up and small enough to be tucked into a corner. Part of me wonders why I never purchased one before. In the past, I would toss used litter into a small garbage bag and haul it upstairs to toss it out in an old diaper pail in the garage. The Litter Genie definitely takes less time.

The things I didn't care for are the small size of the cat litter scoop and its smooth edge, the lack of stability for the scoop holder, and the bit of mess it makes when emptying multiple cat boxes. We have three cats and three litter boxes. Over the years, we've found a cat litter scoop with rake like tips makes scooping used litter from the bottom of the boxes easier. I can't use my larger litter scoop with the rake like tips to pour into the unit without making a mess, so I am stuck with the smaller smooth edged one provided with the unit. In addition, when the Litter Genie is open at the middle, the scoop holder tends to fall off. We placed the unit to the right of our three litter boxes. There's no way to avoid a bit of mess while emptying the boxes unless I want to pick the Litter Genie up and move it as I empty each box. Not a big deal, but something that would be good for anyone with multiple cats to consider.

I just bought a 2-pack of refills for our Litter Genie, so you can bet we'll be using this unit regularly.

This review contains my honest opinions, which I have not been compensated for in any way.

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