Thursday, February 20, 2014

This Day in History - Seinfeld's Kramer Adopts a Highway

Are there any Seinfeld fans out there? On this day in 1997, Kramer adopts the fictional 
Arthur Burghardt Expressway through the real-life Adopt-a-Highway program.

In an episode titled, "The Pothole," Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) is upset about failing highway infrastructure, so he adopts this one mile stretch of roadway. His clean up plans quickly go awry--no a surprise considering his character. "First, he repaints the highway, turning it from four lanes into two, which creates chaos among drivers. He then tries to change it back to two lanes and in the process spills paint thinner on the pavement. A mail truck driven by the character Newman (Wayne Knight) generates sparks that ignite with the paint thinner, causing his truck to catch fire."

For more information on this episode and the Adopt-a-Highway program, please visit

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