Thursday, February 27, 2014

Diary of a Busy Mom: The Accidental Survivalist

Is there such a thing as an “accidental survivalist?” If yes, I think I am one. Maybe it’s just the harsh winter, but it seems I’ve been stockpiling nonperishable foods for weeks now. My pantry and cabinets are so full I doubt I could slid a package of flour tortillas in there.

And don’t even get me started on what is in my freezer. Since installing the generator last year, I don’t worry about buying a few extras to have on hand. And I already have plans to expand our vegetable garden this year.

Perhaps I’ve been listening to Glenn Becktoo much. He’s often talking about being prepared for the collapse: buying gold and freeze-dried food.  We need to stockpile medicines, clothes, and seeds, then fence in the yard and protect what’s ours with guns and ammo.

Now, I can’t say this will never happen, but I sure hope I’m not alive to see it. 


  1. Hubby's plan from the start was to have us a year ahead on vegetables so that if the garden didn't produce one year we would be OK.

    Three chest freezers later.....well, I think he's achieved his goal. I don't want to count how many jars are in the basement. I think we'd make it through the apocalypse.

  2. We've been stockpiling for a while now. We have a hurricane season and one year there were 4 of them back to back. Our electricity was off for about 3 weeks. It wasn't good!

  3. Oh my gosh, Patty, I couldn't imagine having that many freezers. We have the main refrigerator up here with the freezer and another large freezer in the basement, but wow. God bless that man.

    Oh, Vicki, that is awful. In 2011, we had the tornado, the microburst, and an early snowstorm within a few months of each other. Each time we were without power for multiple days, but I could not imagine living without power for 3 weeks. The 8 days after the storm was bad enough. Praying this is a much easier year for you there.